At open air market

Today I spent one hour at my fave open-air market.

For some time I discovered how beautiful it’s for my eyes and mood going around among stalls and people busy with choosing the best stuff at the lowest prise on saturday afternoon (when I’m off work).

In the last couple weeks Northern Italy has been damaged by an exceptional intense cold. And even if snow has got a special charme to me, I must admit that life in a big city has became very complicated because of it.

So facing the below-zero cold weather, on my bike today I approached to my market with a sense of doubious fear: will I find any of my favourite vegetables and fruits? will they be too expensive..?

Easy to expect: about half products were missing and almost the other half had their prices doubled!

….Almost! Because I found out that a few local farm producers had been able to save some products from frost. Contrary to the expensive fruits and vegetables in the emergency coming from other Coutries, they were selling their local stuff at a fare price.

Result: I very happily came back home carrying my over-6-kilos ‘harvest’ on my backpack!

Reasons to be happy:

While cycling to the market I used my own personal energy source and no pollution was generated (arf arf..!)

I bought not-expensive fresh vitaminic food :D (my health says thanks)

By buying local food I promoted local producers activities and ‘descouraged’ use of far-away coming-from food (that means more energy waste in all ways possible)

At last a final witty note before I go and dedicate myself to get my botanic dinner ready.

No stove or heater has been used to keep me warm while writing down this post at my laptop position.

I just held my cat Ada in my arms! Lol  :D